His Thoughts

From early on, Upendra had been selective about the roles he had accepted. After ‘Jogwa,’ as after ‘Page 3,’ he received plenty of offers to reprise similar roles. He turned them down, because he wanted to avoid being type cast. He feels “There is no challenge in doing the same kind of roles.”

He has been one of the few actors to have acted on stage, television and in films. He feels “each medium is different, each has its own form, its own influence, its own demands and its own strengths. And as a performer, you have to understand the medium and adjust your acting to its form.”

He has an outstanding, deep baritone voice that has contributed greatly to his success as a stage as well as TV and screen actor. “But it is something that I cannot take credit for. It’s a gift and I’m only thankful for it.”

He doesn’t subscribe to any one school of acting, whether intuitive or method acting. He prefers the middle path. “You have to have some ability or talent to begin with. Then only, whatever method or study or instruction can help you hone your craft. Because if you don’t have talent to begin with, you wouldn’t know how to apply your study or method. On the other hand, I’m also not in favour of total method acting, because you could become preoccupied with only studying the role or changing some physical attribute, like gaining or losing weight, altering mannerism, hair style etc. But despite such methodical ploys, if you cannot do justice to the role, then all your training is of no consequence. That’s why, I prefer to achieve a balance between the two. I believe no actor should ever be bigger than the role he plays.”

He continues to be a student of the art of acting, as it is “an unending process of learning. The day you become complacent or think you know everything there is to know about acting, you cease to learn and to grow.”

He is also the most unrelenting critique of his own craft, judging any role by his own inner standard that has to be satisfied first.

He feels, “Acting is capable of giving you immense joy and, equally, immense pain.”

He never wanted to be a star, just to be a good actor. That’s why, he would much rather prefer audiences remember the characters he has played...Inspector Bhosale…Kantilal Vora…Goonga…Tayappa...than Upendra Limaye...the actor.